<b>- Michael Nomad Ripoll</b>

- Michael Nomad Ripoll

"What else can you say about an amp that describes it's illustrious tones with it's own name?… Welcome to ToneVille!" Musical Director for Babyface

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"Perfectly fitted and visually striking dovetail joints accentuate the contrasting wood tones and undoubtedly contribute to the amp’s sonic characteristics."
–Vintage Guitar

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<b>Custom Mil-Spec Aluminum Chassis Fabricated in the U.S.A.</b>

Custom Mil-Spec Aluminum Chassis Fabricated in the U.S.A.

Another testament to our quality!

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<b>Take Me Back, ToneVille...</b>

Take Me Back, ToneVille...

Choose your combo and match it with our Vintage 30 Extension Cab, to make your 2x12 stack!

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Incredible tone, amazing quality

Prepare to be impressed!


BabyFace and Toni Braxton perform on Ellen with ToneVille Amp's Broadway Model



Premier Gear Award from Premier Guitar Magazine

The Beale St. is bright—markedly brighter than, say, a blackface Deluxe, especially a well-worn vintage one. But it’s an incredibly sweet-sounding brightness, with lovely chiming overtones at all settings. It’s the kind of brightness you embrace with both arms—intense, but never wince-inducing. Playing a vintage Strat (with a bridge pickup can get shrill), I never found myself avoiding the pickup or restraining my attack. Same with the unpotted, vintage-style PAFs in my Les Paul—I got great crackling twang, but the tones are balanced and musical. The Beale St. doesn’t sound precisely like a Matchless, Dumble, or Trainwreck, but like those amps, it excels at electrifying highs. At times, it’s like playing a Tesla coil... read more >>



Top Gear Review from Guitar Aficionado Magazine

If I was forced to choose just one desert island amp, I’d be torn between my tweed 1957 Fender Deluxe 5E3 and my brown 1962 Fender Deluxe 6G3. Ideally, I’d want an amp with the wide dynamic range and harmonically complex distortion of the ’57 (but without the sag) and the Plexi-like roar and tight definition of the ’62. Perhaps the clean tone could be a little more sparkling and pristine, too. That’s pretty much the definition of ToneVille’s top-of-the-line Beale St. model. Like a Fender Deluxe, the Beale St. sounds great no matter where you set the controls (and has a lot more of them) read more >>



Red-Carpet Ready Review from Vintage Guitar

...beautifully finished, light-colored maple for the top and front panel complemented by dark walnut sides, all sourced near ToneVille headquarters in Colorado Springs. No need for Tolex or tweed here. Perfectly fitted and visually striking dovetail joints accentuate the contrasting wood tones and undoubtedly contribute to the amp’s sonic characteristics. Speaking of tone, this baby breathes! The lows have tremendous punch and the highs are very Vox-like.


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