Classic British sound with a heavier punch & Smoother Tones!

Think of this amp as the best cross between the british and american circuits. This is our smoothest sounding amp when it comes to clean and crunch. Make no mistake... crank it up, and you'll hear why we named it the Broadway!

Dimensions: 24x11x19.5 in

Ultimate Blues / Rock & Roll Amp!

Based off the 1960's American circuit, this amp has plenty of crunch and super sweet cleans. Keep the volume level low and you get a tone that will make you cry. Crank up the volume and you'll hear why this is Guitar World's "desert island amp."

Dimensions: 24x11x19.5 in

Infamous Jimmy Page Tones - Supro Inspired Amp

Simplicity is key with this amp, using the 5881 bottle tube, this amp has lots of head room and can really scream with more volume. This is a unique vintage tone that you have to hear for yourself!

Dimensions: 24x11x19.5 in

Tweed Clean & Break-up Sounds, Great for Studio

Great for the musician who wants to dial in a low wattage stage amp or crank it without losing tone. This amp is simple and clean, with a nice breakup when pushed. 

Dimensions: 24x11x19.5 in

Tube Reverb Head with Natural Compression

What could be better than the 60's American reverb sound? Make it into a stand-alone unit with some upgrades and tweaks, and put it in a sleek utility box that you can store and lock all of your accessories.

Dimensions: 18x10x11.5 in

Make Your Combo into a Stack!

No longer do you have to choose between head and combo. Our ToneVille combos are meant to piggyback on the ToneVille Extension Cab. Loaded with a Vintage30, plug in and switch to 8 ohms and you are ready to make (sound) waves!

Dimensions: 24x11x19.5 in
$595.00 Now $495.00

Ultimate Light Weight ToneVille Amp Case

We love innovation and this case takes the cake! Each case is custom built for ToneVille, 3/8” thick ATA 300 Category 1 rated and can take a real beating. Incrediblly 1/3 the weight of traditional cases due to the production materials and proprietary systems.

Dimensions: 13x26x22 in

Ultimate Bass and Guitar Amp

Incredible tone with 100w output hand-wound transformers and 300w RMS Celestion neodymium speaker rated for the wides range of frequencies. Based off our award winning Beale St. circuit. This amp is available for pre-order only, shipping is August or September of 2015. Check out our instagram for the San Andreas tour through the US to see videos, comments, and more details!

Dimensions: 24x11x19.5 in