ATA Road Case

Ultimate Light Weight ToneVille Amp Case

We love innovation and this case takes the cake! Each case is custom built for ToneVille, 3/8” thick ATA 300 Category 1 rated and can take a real beating. Incrediblly 1/3 the weight of traditional cases due to the production materials and proprietary systems.

Dimensions: 13x26x22 in
$595.00 Now $495.00


  • Will fit any ToneVille combo amp or extension cab
  • Dimensions are approx 22H x 26W x 13D
  • Made of lightweight recyclable plastics that can take a beating
  • Amp can stay in bottom of case for stage or studio recording
  • Bottom case section is stackable onto the top case
  • Will not warp or bend with extreme weather changes


Each case is custom fit and lined with 1” open cell foam, two handles, two lockable latches, and casters.