Rio Grande

Tube Reverb Head with Natural Compression

What could be better than the 60's American reverb sound? Make it into a stand-alone unit with some upgrades and tweaks, and put it in a sleek utility box that you can store and lock all of your accessories.

Dimensions: 18x10x11.5 in
Yes+ $200.00



  • 5 Watt Handwired Tube Reverb Amplifier
  • Dwell, Input, Mix, Tone, Output, Footswitch (from left to right)
  • Built-in 5 watt amp allows the player to use as an amp with an extension cabinet
  • Padlock with matching keys for storage of accessories
  • Light-weight with 1" rubber feet and soft covered handels for easy portability

Add Tremolo Option:

Adds a new tremolo section to the Rio Grande with independent knobs and on/off switch. Reverb and tremolo can be opperated on/off separately from each other or together. Dual on/off foot switch with stereo cable included.


Tube Specs:

  • 1 Mullard 12ax7
  • 1 RCA BP 5965/12AT7
  • 1 RCA BP 6K6

What have we done different? Improved upon components, wiring, all in a light-weight utility box. Can be used as a 5 watt stand alone amp.

What have we improved upon? Of course all our combos come with NOS (new-old-stock) tubes installed - the way it used to be! We use only hand wound transformers, custom built to very exact specifications for our ToneVille amps. Our amps are also hand-wired with high quality hi-fi components (no expense spared) and solid grounding to our steel Rio Grande chassis.